Why We Built Monty


Monty has been a long time in the making. Not simply development time, but time deciding what it was actually going to be.

Was it going to be a CRM?

Was it a marketing tool?

We didn’t really know.

But the goal was simple, to build a product that would help companies manage their inbound leads and then easily attribute sales back to their source.

Why Does It Matter?

I’ll go into detail in a later blog post about the in’s and out’s. But a high level summary is that companies are spending millions on ads to collect leads for their business to generate sales.

But unfortunately, they don’t know which of their marketing channels are responsible for these sales. So rather than them being focused on conversions, Monty allows them to become focused on what’s making them the most money.

It’s exciting to say that this functionality now works and is actively being used by companies to help increase their revenue.

Monty can now successfully do what we set out to do, which is awesome.

But this is only the beginning.

And because this is more of a journey rather than a one-off, I’ve decided that it would be pretty cool to document the whole process.

Not only to act as a journal for us but also to provide insights to people that are already doing or thinking of building a software product.

Monty’s MVP (Minimum-Viable-Product)

If you think building an MVP is easy, then think again. Maybe it is for some companies, but it certainly wasn’t with Monty.

Apart from deciding on the core functionality required, there’s a huge amount of “other” items that need to be done before launch.

Here’s just a few potential roadblocks :

  • Deciding on the technology
  • Finding a developer
  • Creating functionality specifications
  • Finding a UI designer
  • Designing the UI
  • Designing the website
  • Building the website

That’s an overview (there’s probably another 100 that I could add to that list) but I’m sure you get the jist.

Monty’s MVP launched with more features than were probably necessary for people to get value from it. Which in hindsight wasn’t the best idea as we could have had validation much sooner and it could have been done pre-pandemic.

Nevertheless, it’s here today and ready for action.

Here’s the feature set that we launched our MVP with :

  • Sales Pipeline (including drag and drop)
  • Task Scheduling
  • Deal Notes
  • Form Builder
  • Traffic Source Data Collection
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Basic Reporting (showing sales figures by Source, Medium, Device & Campaign)

The functionality that is the basis of the platform is very slick. The developers that we used to do this and i’m hoping to cover that in more detail. They are extremely talented and have really helped push Monty forwards.

Why Monty?

In his brilliant book titled “That Will Never Work”, Marc Randolph discusses never sticking with the prototype name. Which is something they didn’t do at Netflix. But we did.

Monty was the prototype name when this was just an idea. But overtime the name began to stick and as the product had a lot of character, it seemed fitting to have a name that did too.

The Next Steps

The next steps for us are finding product market fit. That’s our main objective and something which these series of blog posts will be covering in detail.

Plus, we need a name for this series….. The Journey From Zero is starting to sound quite good.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I hope you sign up to our weekly newsletter with the building and marketing strategies of SAAS company from zero.

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