September 2020 Release Notes

Sep 28 2020

It’s been another busy month at Monty HQ. We’ve welcomed new companies to the platform as well as a bunch of new features to help our users acquire more leads and close more sales.

With plenty more features already in progress, there’s more to come very soon!

Here’s a run down of what we’ve released this month :

Appointment Scheduling

We’re super happy about this feature.  We know very well how difficult it can be scheduling meetings with prospects. Then going backwards and forwards to try and arrange a day and time that works… It can be a drag.

So we built a complete appointment scheduling feature. From scratch.

It’s as easy as creating a task in Monty and inviting a prospect.

For a full rundown of how to use it (including a video tutorial) please take a look at the help docs.

VOIP Callbacks

Another awesome feature that is packaged up with the appointment scheduling is our VOIP callbacks.

We realised sometimes you might want to be on the move when you’re dealing with your sales calls. So when calls are scheduled in Monty with a prospect, you now have the option to allow Monty to handle the call for you.

Monty will automatically give you a call on the agreed day and time and ask you if you would like to connect to your prospect. If you say yes, then Monty will automatically connect you to them without you needing to do anything.

Pretty cool right?

Custom Pipelines

Organisation is the key to staying on top of your sales pipeline. We now have the ability to setup multiple pipelines and steps to manage the various ways in which your sales process might work for different deals.

Maybe you have different steps for inbound vs outbound deals. Or you have different pipelines for different users. It’s now completely up to you how your pipelines are managed!

Your form submissions can also be configured to go to specific pipelines when they are submitted.

Take a look at our help docs here to get started.

Task List

Previously we didn’t really have a clear way to see your task schedule apart from the summary on the dashboard. We’ve just implemented a task list feature that will show all of your planned tasks and overdue tasks. You’ll be able to complete tasks straight from there or jump into a deal to look at what’s going on in more detail.

This can be accessed through the top nav on the Pipeline dropdown.

Custom Fields

Not the most glamorous of things to talk about, but one that’s essential for us to be able to keep bringing awesome features to the table.

Within your account, you can now create custom fields that are related to either a contact or deal.

These are also automatically paired up with form submission data to pull in the values that match the field name.

Take a look at our help docs to find out more.

Notification Bar

Because you’re all really active sales people, your timeline can feel like there’s alot going on.

We’ve just rolled out a notification bar which will show you anything that could probably do with your attention.

At the moment any tasks that you have scheduled can be seen here as well as any new replies. We’re also looking to add more here in the coming months.

Lead Notifications

Our final one for this release are lead notifications.

Each time a new lead comes into your pipeline, you can now enable a notification to be emailed out to you to let you know about it.

This only occurs when deals arrive from form submissions and won’t trigger when deals are added manually.

To enable this setting, take a look at our help docs.

If you would like to schedule a 1 to 1 walkthrough of how to get any of these new features setup, please feel free to do so by emailing [email protected]

Keep being awesome!

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