June 2020 Release Notes : New Logo, Design Refresh and More


This month we have lots going on and therefore plenty to tell you about. We’re still extremely focused on maintaining our vision of creating an easy to use CRM for sales that’s packed full of functionality.

So we hope you agree that our latest release helps us continue in that direction.

Refreshed Deal Page Design

We decided to give our deal page a makeover. The previous version is what we have been using since we launched the MVP, so we didn’t really pay it as much attention as our other elements before.

Now that it’s packed full of new features, we had to tidy it up a bit.

New Pipeline Design

The pipeline has also been given a refresh. You’ll be able to see that it’s more informative in terms of details for each deal stage. One of our favourite features is the ability to customise the colour of each stage ?.

colour coding

Grid View

For companies that can be handling hundreds or maybe thousands of leads simultaneously pipeline layouts just don’t work. So we’ve introduced a grid layout that can easily be switched on and off.


We’ve also introduced multi-level filters onto the grid view to allow you to show you deals meeting your chosen criteria.

Notification Bar

One of our favourite features of this release is our notification bar. This will basically let you know about all activity on your deals, from emails being read to SMS texts being delivered.

New Company Branding

Not quite a new release but we’re extremely happy with it. Our new company branding was released this month :

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